CBeebies教育节目: 萌宠与我 My Pet and Me 第二季全20集 高清720P 带字幕

《萌宠与我 My Pet and Me》是BBC少儿频道CBeebies制作的宠物主题儿童教育节目,两位动物专家主持人访问多个英国家庭,讲述孩子们如何与宠物相处,并穿插介绍宠物知识。
CBeebies教育节目: 萌宠与我 My Pet and Me 第二季全20集 高清720P 带字幕
S02E01: Pony
CBeebies教育节目: 萌宠与我 My Pet and Me 第二季全20集 高清720P 带字幕
Rory visits Florence and her pony called Kitty. Florence shows Rory how to clean out the stable.

S02E02: Degus
Ferne visits Harry and his pet degus.

S02E03: Ragdoll Cat
Rory visits Lily and her cat Brody.

S02E04: Assistance Dog
Ferne visits Ethan and Elsa, and their dog Whiskey.

S02E05: Cockerel
Rory visits Rhys and his pet cockerel, Colin.

S02E06: Lovebirds
Ferne meets Leah and her lovebirds.

S02E07: Short Haired Guinea Pigs
Rory visits Sophie and her pet guinea pigs Ben and Lolly.

S02E08: Lambs
Ferne goes to Timmy’s croft to meet his lambs.

S02E09: Community Farm
Rory heads to a community farm to meet some children.

S02E10: Pygmy Goats
Ferne goes to a nursery to meet the class pets, Jerry and Ben, who are pygmy goats.

S02E11: Goldfish
Rory visits Thomas and his goldfish.

S02E12: Ducks
Ferne visits Aaron and his pet ducks.

S02E13: Sheepdog
Rory visits Jess and her sheepdog, Mo.

S02E14: Alpacas
Ferne heads off to meet twins Jess and Rosie and their grandma’s alpacas.

S02E15: Puppy
Rory visits Arthur and his brand new puppy Fonzy.

S02E16: New Pet
Ferne visits Jess and Toby, who are about to adopt some new pets from an animal shelter.

S02E17: Bearded Dragon
Rory goes to meet Esme and Bingham, the bearded dragon.

S02E18: Nursery Pets
Ferne goes with Suri to her nursery, where some special pets are visiting.

S02E19: Gerbils
Rory meets Leah and her pet gerbils, Olaf and Elsa.

S02E20: Highland Cows

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